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I am a multi-faceted hybrid creator with expertise in licensing & pop culture, art, design, fabrication and storytelling -- capable of switching or combining these different Creator modes to deliver professional, successful, exciting, innovative, and impact-driven projects.


Growing up, I always was known to carry around a stack of blank computer paper attached to a clipboard (I didn't seem to know about sketchbooks) and a pencil in hand -- drawing, drawing, drawing. My love for art soared to unmeasurable heights when I discovered the diverse pop cultures and animation of Japan, and all of the endless magic within it. It was then that I elevated my art skills into highly detailed fashion and character design. At the same time, I was deep in the world of creative writing, conceptual storytelling, and working my way into the music scene -- ultimately learning to harness all my skills and experiences together that then lead to the most interesting adventures ahead.

If I had to label myself as one thing, it's a Creator -- because I endeavor for everything I do to evoke an immersive storytelling experience. I seek to create magic wherever I go, and however I can fathom doing it.



Project Runway Season 13 (Designer)

Fashion School Crash Course (Instructor) with Sew News Magazine, Brother Sewing & Project Runway

Legend of the Moon Club Event (Creator)

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